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BYB 100W 110V Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter Brooder Coop Pet Infrared Lamp Bulb, White

BYB 100W 110V Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter Brooder Coop Pet Infrared Lamp Bulb, White

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SalesRank: 1893
Manufacturer: BYBLight
Brand: BYB
Universal product code (UPC): 799666450143
EAN: 0799666450143


  • ☀ Perfect for high humidity terrariums; lasts up to 10,000 hours
  • ☀ Use only with a porcelain socket (E27 socket). To avoid scald, please wait at least 1 hour of cool down after turn it off
  • ☀ Voltage: AC 110-120V; Power: 150w; Material: Ceramic, Metal, NiCrAl
  • ☀ This non-light emitting heater bulb offers an excellent 24 hours heat source and will thoroughly heat any reptile without the disturbance of an additional light source
  • ☀ It will also increase the ambient air temperature in the terrarium. Infrared heat penetrates the scales and skin tissue, promoting health and healing as it widens the blood vessels and increases blood circulation.


BYB ceramic heat emitter bulb is perfect for Reptiles and Amphibians, Chickens and Peacocks.heat doghouses, water wells, small spaces, as an egg incubator, brooder, and even for personal use. It's simple, plug-in, lightweight, mountable, portable heat source.

Why Should You Choose It ?
☀ 110V E27 socket: Fits all standard US sockets which is the most common light socket you see in your home
☀ No light emitted: makes a non-light heater not disturb their normal Sleep Schedule (day/night)
☀ Safe and Resistance to humid areas & terrariums: Water proof design of ceramic heater allows them to work effectively in humid environments without burning out.
☀ Long life: it can lasts up to 10,000 hours
☀ Large circular emitter directs heat to increase basking area
☀ Long-term effects:Infrared hot may penetrate the skin organization , expands the blood vessel, the promotion blood cirulation, the enhancement health and accelerates to be restored to health.

☀ Brand new and CE Certificate
☀ Ceramic Emitter Heater - E27 Socket
☀ Voltage: AC 110-120V Power: 150w
☀ Material: Ceramic, Metal
☀ Color: White
☀ Diameter of heating surface: 9 cm
☀ Height: 10.6 cm (Approx)
☀ Usage Suggestions: Heating, chicken coops, brooding, grow light

Package includes:
1x BYBLIGHT Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

1.Please do not directly touch during usage.
2.Please adjust the distance between the lamp and the pet, at least more than 30cm.

Mfgr: BYBLight
Colour: White
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