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URPOWER Dog Leash Harness Adjustable & Durable Leash Set & Heavy Duty Denim Dog Leash Collar for Small and Large Dog, Perfect for Daily Training Walking Running

URPOWER Dog Leash Harness Adjustable & Durable Leash Set & Heavy Duty Denim Dog Leash Collar for Small and Large Dog, Perfect for Daily Training Walking Running

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SalesRank: 788
Manufacturer: URPOWER
Model: P06
EAN: 6920835567162


  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Constructed out of two thick layers of blue jeans & red nylon for durability and longevity providing comfort control to your pet and supporting incredibly resistant to wear and tear. The orange nylon stitching adds to the strength of the design.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED - Harness comes with heavy duty hardware, the clasp that holds the leash to the harness fastens securely, metal is highly resistant to wear and rust, 2 adjustable points and can be adjusted to fit dogs, such as: Teddy,Bichon, Schnauzer, Samoyed, Husky, golden retriever and other pets. Please measure chest size before ordering.
  • REDUCES CHAFING - Soft texture with no hard edges or buckles to irritate skin or back of leg. Does not wrap into sensitive armpit area where most chafing occurs. Also it will reduce tugging and pulling on your pet's neck and make your pet walks comfortable.
  • STYLISH & SIMPLE LOOK - With orange contrast stitching on one side and vibrant blue on the other, the dog leash and harness have a clean, classic look that will make your dog the handsomest pet at agility obedience behavior training classes or at the dog park!!
  • All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for 180 days.If quality problems happen in guaranteed period, our company will maintain for free.


Are you annoyed by your pet's pulling or tugging misbehavior? Have you ever wanna exercise your pet in the morning or evening? Do you want to enjoy the freedom of stress-free walks for you and your furry pooch?
URPOWER pet leashes provides you the solution by the following benefits:
1. Pet leashes connect you and your pet, make you the master whether you are in waling, running, jogging or hiking.
2. Harnesses are more comfortable for dogs than a leash being tied to the neck collar. Dogs hate being pulled by the neck and usually encourages them to rebel.
3. The URPOWER harnesses available here are safe and much more secure than the standard harness as it has comfortable body hugging material for the area that needs the most stability.

Find the Right Size:
Measure your dog's width/girth by wrapping a tape measure around your dog's chest, just behind the front legs. Use the measurement below to find correct sizing.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Some dogs have very deep or broad chest, while others have a large head compared to their body.
So please measure the chest circumference of your dogs and find the most accurate sizing for them from provided SIZE CHART.
Small size:
Harness:12.9" - 16.8"
Leash: 47.2"

Medium size:
Leash: 35"-63"

Large size:
Harness: 17" - 27.5"
Leash: 40"-77.5"

Package Include:
1 x Harness
1 x Leash
1 x Instruction

This leash and harness set is made of denim cloth, please soak the harness and leash in the saline water for half an hour, then clean and dry them before your first using.

Colour: Red
Size: L (17"-27.5" Chest Girth)
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