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Is pet insurance a good idea? My answer to this question is always YES!

Pet insurance was first introduced in 1980. It is now a well-established industry with proven companies offering services. At the end of the page you will find 3 differrent pet insurance companies so you can read more and compare.

Insurance is something we never need until we need it. Then it becomes a real life-saver. And this is extremely true for our pets. Modern Veterinary Medicine has made great strides in our abilities to care for our beloved pets. Orthopedic surgery, heart surgery, and cancer therapies can save many lives, but these procedures can be expensive: $1000.00 up to $10,000.00!

While we never plan for tragedy, wouldn't it be nice to have the capability to pay for a needed treatment or procedure and save our pet's life? Of course it would, and that's exactly why pet insurance is such a good idea.

In addition to allowing you to afford expensive, but life-saving treatments and surgery for your pet, modern Pet Insurance allows you to use your own personal Veterinarian (there are no lists or restrictions)!

I strongly encourage you to discuss Pet Insurance with your own Veterinarian, and check out the links below to the 3 pet Pet Insurance companies listed!

VPI Pet Insurance

PetCare Pet Insurance

PetsBest Pet Insurance
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